Procrastinate now!

Some of my grad-school-persuasion friends, wife, and acquaintances are in serious crunch-time mode; what better time to try out pointless time-wasting free Flash games online?

Double Jeu

Double Jeu

Try to keep two balls in the air. Moving the mouse both tilts the inclined plane at the bottom, and moves the Pong-style “paddle” at the top. Keep the bottom ball from rolling off the plane, and the top ball from passing your paddle, as long as you can. My all-time record score is 33 seconds. That’s not really impressive, but I worked hard for that score. Too hard. Simple-concept game, complex fun.


shoOot – (from the main page, choose “shooot” on the 6th line)
You’re the square at the bottom of the screen, moving only left and right, and you have to shoot the circles as they bounce around–and don’t let them hit you. The circles don’t shoot back; when a circle drops a colored pellet down at you, snatch it up, it will boost your firepower, add shields, slow down the enemy circles, or make you temporarily invincible. I thought the circles were shooting at me, and I avoided the power-ups for long time. Boy, does that make the game a lot harder. Oh, and when you shoot a big circle it splits into lots of little circles, Asteroids-style. Damn those circles.

Gimme Friction Baby!

Gimme Friction Baby! – (when the screen finally loads, click the green-ringed button on the bottom left)
The title sounds so . . . dirrrty, but this is a clean, family-fun puzzle game, I promise. You shoot white balls from a rotating canon onto a playing field, and try to explode the balls by tapping them, with other balls, three times. Don’t let them cross the dotted line above your canon. The balls bounce around and expand like hell when they stop. Got it? No, probably not. Try it out, it’s fun I swear.

4 Responses to Procrastinate now!

  1. Pulao says:

    Damn it, Kris. Do you not WANT me to get a degree?

    Can I also just say, that I don’t think it’s very nice of Double Jeu to keep calling me “almost as smart as a poodle” for not being able to go more than 4 seconds. How did you do 33?!

  2. Jayashree says:

    You are an evil man. An evil, evil man. And I am apparently a 3-yr old.

  3. Aakaash says:

    33 is incredible. I got five seconds. Then I got fired. Then I got six.

  4. Kris says:

    No matter the score, you still get insulted in French for it. I try to focus on the bottom ball, keeping it still and then whipping the top thing over to one side or another and back again very fast, and sometimes that works, and sometimes I get compared to Paris Hilton, I think unfavorably (her name being in English so I get that part).

    Pulao told me to click on the British flag at the bottom and it’s in English! That blew my mind, but helps for enjoying the insults with a tad more comprehension.

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