Sub-committees, request forms, and edits

This is more of a test I suppose for the first blog post, but also something of a contest. It comes in two parts:

1. Why 12 apostrophes? Does a favorite passage of yours have 12? Or is there something about 12?┬áMaybe after reading that, I’d like my moniker to be duodecad?

2. This is the more contesty part of the contest. Here is a passage I just had to edit:

In conclusion, organizational cultural competency presents a dynamic interaction between an agency/program’s developmental continuum and a multi-component revolving cultural competency of individuals working within that system. The individual’s cultural competency is an actice, on-going interaction between its key components and its outcome depends on agency system’s cultural competency.

Now the contest — can you simplify this into five words or less?

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