This is Only a Test

I’m testing stylesheets, layouts, etc. This new text-only post at the top of the page should help me troubleshoot. If anyone happens to be reading this (doubtful!), please bear with us a little longer . . .

7 Responses to This is Only a Test

  1. me says:

    WHoa! My screen’s alll weirdddd

  2. dbay says:

    Did you want us to tell you what we see on the screen as you’re testing it? If that’d be helpful, let us know. Right now I got text on the left and right bumping out past the white background and into the purple. But you probably knew that and that’s why you said “bear with us”. Okey doke. Good luck!

  3. me says:

    It’s different now. Yesterday, all the categories were at the top, outside the white and the post was way down outside of any demarcated (‘demarced’ would be better, probably, but people would just pronounce it demarssed) area. Though I am sure Kris could see it, (because his computer also has a monitor) I thought Dbay was on the right track about providing feedback.

    And I would like to state that I am officially ashamed of the fact that I couldn’t think of a thing to comment on Kris’ beautiful Ira Hayes piece, yet can yammer on about a maintenance notice.

  4. Kris says:

    Who is me? As opposed to woe is me. And not a grammatically incorrect existential question, but literally; who is the me in that sentence?!? The above one? Like, the commenter? Not to give away anyone’s private info? Or blow their secret cover? (Hey, me, you can just e-mail me (not yourself) who you are.)

    Boy, I sure do get a kick out of that “me” thing!

    Anywho, Dbay, thanks for the offer, and everyone reading this, apologies again. I had this idea that sounded good, but changing the CSS styles turned into the hardest. Thing. Ever. And now my 1-hour project has literally spanned decades. Ok, not literally, but almost.

    Soon the site will appear less fucked up, I promise.

  5. dbay says:

    My student technology assistant recently told me that CSS is the only way to code now and that people who use tables instead of divs are totally stuck in the 90s way of coding. I felt sooo old. But damnit, that’s when I learned to code! Sometimes it’s a drag that to use technology well, you have to learn or buy something new every 7 weeks. And sometimes it’s exciting.

    Is it passive-agressive to say it made sense for Dbay to provide feedback while simultaneously saying “Though I am sure Kris could see it, (because his computer also has a monitor).” ? I can’t decide. Maybe indecision is also passive-aggressive. Who is me anyway? Who are we and what the hell are we doing here?

    It’s almost always easier to do meta than history. But I am extremely grateful for the historians. And commentators.

  6. dbay says:

    wait, i actually found a dumb little thing i was going to post about today. should i wait, or should i jump into the formatting fun?

  7. Kris says:

    Post Post Post!

    The formatting may change around your post, but I think it’ll be done by the evening.

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