I Voted StickerActually, I haven’t yet, but I will. State primary elections are being held in Minnesota today. Luckily, polls are open until 8 PM, just in case you slept in, and were late to work, and have a lot to do so you’ll probably stay until 6 or so . . . Not that I know anyone like that. (Also, in Minnesota, your employer is legally required to allow you time off to vote.

Primaries this side of Connecticut aren’t usually very exciting, but if you live in District 5, like me (which is most of the western half of the Twin Cities), big things could be happening. It’s a heavily Democratic district; which means that whichever Democrat wins the primary will most likely take the District’s seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. If that ends up being Keith Ellison, then Minnesota will have elected the first Muslim to Congress in history.

The Washington Post did a story on Ellison yesterday; apparently local Republican bloggers have accused him of being anti-semitic because of a college tie to Lewis Farrakahn. Minnesota’s Jewish weekly, American Jewish World, has strongly endorsed Ellison, however. So has the DFL party. But the controversy has made the race close.

If you live in Minnesota, learn where to vote with this search on the Secretary of State’s Web site. And hurry.

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