War games

Map segmentMy latest craze is Conquer Club, an online turns-based game improving on the Risk board game. I understand all the theoretical problems with taking a subject like war and trivializing it with game play. But to me, with all the various boards in this new game that aren’t even map based (the chinese checkers board, the crossword board, the university campus), the game takes on more a game of strategy like Chess or Backgammon and less a trivialization of war.

And how can something this fun (and free) be intellectually dishonest to play? Not to mention the sideline banter: I was in a game recently where conversation between players turned from comic books to quoting King Lear to debt relief roadblocks as a result of the Iraq war to jockstraps. And these weren’t even the players I knew. 

Maybe Kris will share his drawing for a game board that he and I thought up. But for that to make sense, I guess you have to give this game a try first at: www.conquerclub.com. If you see yammers1 out there, beware, he is a keen strategist, held back only by a vague twinge of enjoying himself too much.

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