Box o’ puppies

Ever heard that expression, cuter than a box full of puppies? No? I just made it up? I challenge you to find anything cuter than the Shiba Inu Puppy cam, live feed of, well . . . you guessed it:

In fact, the only thing cuter than a box full of puppies might be a room full of kittens? Check it

There is a lot of sleeping going on in both, but they help refresh the eyes, when you’ve spent your day staring at computer screens of neither puppies nor kittens.

The next step in the cuteness arms race: box o’ babies Webcam. I hesitate to Google it, though.

One Response to Box o’ puppies

  1. Unwit says:

    OMG, those kittens are the cutest! Thanks for turning me on to this site. I need a box o’ kittens about this time of the semester.

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