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Box o’ puppies

Ever heard that expression, cuter than a box full of puppies? No? I just made it up? I challenge you to find anything cuter than the Shiba Inu Puppy cam, live feed of, well . . . you guessed it:

In fact, the only thing cuter than a box full of puppies might be a room full of kittens? Check it

There is a lot of sleeping going on in both, but they help refresh the eyes, when you’ve spent your day staring at computer screens of neither puppies nor kittens.

The next step . . .

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Cat Screen Saver

Cat Screen Saver1

Now that I work at home full-time, our cat, Hank, saves me a lot of eyestrain by standing directly in front of my laptop screen when I’m working, sort of a furry anti-glare coating on my life.

Cat Screen Saver2

Sometimes, I try to work around him, stretching my neck up, up and resting my chin on his back, or leaning way off to the side, sliding out of my chair, still hanging on to the keyboard trying to type, before I snap out of it. Hey! . . .

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A zoo story

Man + giraffeCaged beastNaked apesA polar bear
A friend of ours (we’ll call him “Coal” man, to protect the innocent) had to do his homework at the Como zoo in St. Paul Saturday morning, and he invited Pulao and me along.

He’s taking an “animal” class at the University of Minnesota, and the assignment was to observe people interacting with animals. First stop was the big cats enclosure, where the tiger was . . .

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