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Serious Trivia and Free Rice

The fifth installment of the Triple Rock Social Club’s Pub Trivia Night is tonight at 8 p.m. If you weren’t planning on going, I would instead. Triple Rock Trivia has proved to be some serious fun.

At the end of this post is a pop vocabulary quiz. But first, a little history of Triple Rock Trivia Nights so far:

The first time out, the winners were “The Winners” — a team who, full of optimism, named themselves that, then spent all the goodwill they may have garnered with their winsome name by actually winning.

When “The Winners” kept their name, . . .

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Worst. Practical joke. Ever.

The other night at the bar, two of our friends tried to tell Pulao and me about a practical joke called “doortricking”.

“Have you ever heard of doortricking?”

“No,” we said.

“Well,” our friends continued somewhat sheepishly, “When someone goes into the bathroom, you strip naked and do a handstand right outside the door, so when they open the bathroom door, well . . . they’re surprised.”

Of course it turns out that “doortricking” can only be confirmed to have been done twice in the history of the world . . . both times by the same guy that they . . .

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Talk Like a Pirate Day

Today, September 19, is Talk Like a Pirate Day! This will make some people very happy. Arrr. If you go with it, this could bring you pleasant distraction for at least 3 minutes. To help you facilitate that, try the Pirate Translator. I just plugged in that last sentence and got “Aye, t’ help you facilitate that, try the Pirate Translator. Gar.” but I’m disappointed because pirates don’t say “facilitate.” Oh well. See what results you get.

Ahoy and walk the plank.


The other day I was talking about the University of Florida (where I spent part of my schooling) with some friends.

“There was a good community in the English department,” I said. “There wasn’t much to do in Gainesville, so there was a lot of drinking.”

My friend — let’s call call him “Mr. M,” to protect the innocent — created a word on the spot: “A comdrinkity!”

At the time, I found that to be wildly hilarious.

48 hours later? . . . Still funny!

(anybody have any made-up words to share?)