Worst. Practical joke. Ever.

The other night at the bar, two of our friends tried to tell Pulao and me about a practical joke called “doortricking”.

“Have you ever heard of doortricking?”

“No,” we said.

“Well,” our friends continued somewhat sheepishly, “When someone goes into the bathroom, you strip naked and do a handstand right outside the door, so when they open the bathroom door, well . . . they’re surprised.”

Of course it turns out that “doortricking” can only be confirmed to have been done twice in the history of the world . . . both times by the same guy that they know (let’s call him “John”.) So this is not exactly sweeping the nation and maybe more aptly called “John is somewhat acrobatic and likes to take his pants off.”

I mulled the whole thing over for a while before I decided that this was not the practical joke for me. First of all, the elaborate joke would get even more complicated with the addition of the crane I would require to get into a handstand. And more importantly, any practical joke where you’re the one who ends up standing on your head, naked, defeats the whole purpose.

2 Responses to Worst. Practical joke. Ever.

  1. anirban says:

    A quick-strip-involving naked handstand while someone else is using the bathroom….

    Whatever happened to Practical Jokes being…. um…practical?

    Excuse me… I gotta use Maria Sharapova’s bathroom…

  2. Jayu says:

    And what if the bathroom door opens outwards? Uggh!

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