iPod Vending Machine

Ipod Vending Machine1.jpg

I came across this machine when I was at a Mall in Roseville, Minnesota. In case you can’t tell, those are iPods and iPod accessories in the vending machine for when you have that hankering that a diet coke just won’t quench…

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  1. dbay says:

    Thanks for this photo! I’d heard about the IPod vending machines but didn’t really expect they’d be in the Twin Cities anytime soon. I need to get a cell phone that takes photos for moments like this too. Well, or just a cell phone that, like, makes phone calls. Do they sell cell phones in any vending machines? Oh wait, maybe that’s called a pay phone.

    What other products do we hope to see in future vending machines??

    A few ideas: Booze. Umbrellas. Sex Toys. Socks. Puppets. Booze. Laptops. Inflatable Cars. Booze. Delicious Indian Food. …I can’t think of particularly unique, practical or hilarious things, but I see unlimited potential on this one for others….

  2. Pulao says:

    I see you say \”socks\” and \”puppets\”– might I then suggest \”sock puppets\”?

    I also particularly like the idea of inflatable cars, and can almost envision non-inflatable ones. I mean, you vend keys, and pick up the car at the lot. Get rid of car salespeople altogether…

  3. karah says:

    There’s ones that vend poems. I kid you not. Check it out at gumballpoetry.com.

  4. Kris says:

    How about a sock puppet sex toy that folds out into an umbrella? And has a poem written on the back? Wait, this is more disturbing than I first thought it would be . . .

  5. Aakaash says:

    I remember one in D.C. that had everything from salt and detergent to toothbrushes and toilet paper. It was in DuPont circle – anyone else know the one I am talking about? I guess it was a while ago, but there were people standing around taking pictures, much like Kris has done here.

    I am waiting not for a particular vending machine, but rather the time when I will be able to scan my nano-chip (connected to my credit card account and embedded in the back of my hand) against a screen and buy a bag of chips.

    Only, then I’ll have to worry about muggers chopping my hand off…

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