They’ll have to pry my keyboard from my cold, dead hands

I’m having trouble typing this because my fingers are just that cold today at work. Yes, it’s Minneapolis, and yes, it’s about 13 degrees outside, but that doesn’t mean that other workplaces downtown have not managed, somehow, to heat their offices above absolute zero.

My office was a sad place already, before the freeze. Due to the demise of one of our magazines over a year ago, there are only four of us left, clustered into one lit corner of an entire floor of office space. Past the bathrooms, empty cubicles sit in the dark — long-ago gutted of any good office supplies. Or candy. It was me, mainly, who took the candy.

The head honcho here is retiring and all the divisions are being “reorganized”, which leads me and my 3 coworkers to think: are they trying to tell us something with the freeze-out? Hope we get the hint? A cold nudge out the door?

We’ve battened down instead, typing in our coats and scarves, and our boss pried open the thermostat-covers with a screwdriver and cranked them up. That hasn’t really worked yet, but I’ll keep you updated.

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  1. Pulao says:

    It is truly sad that your company takes the expression “hiring freeze” so literally. You should have them add a clause to your contract that if bad company times should happen during winter, they have to either smoke you out, or fire you.

  2. […] There’s an alternate theory, though. With the reorganizations and buy-outs going on in my company, the four of us left in the Minneapolis office thought corporate might be trying to get rid of us. Earlier this winter, the office heating mysteriously seemed to die. Could they now be trying to smoke us out? Man, have they ever got the wrong idea. […]

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