Marmaduke much more complicated than you ever imagined

At work, we just got done with a 134-minute teleconference meeting where absolutely nothing was decided. I mean no one decision could be said to have been made, per se.

It’s times like these, which is pretty much every workday, when I like to read a daily helping of meta-Marmaduke, where Joe Mathlete explains today’s Marmaduke cartoon (in 500 words or less).

I’ve always joked that every Marmaduke cartoon, throughout histroy, could be paraphrased with the same 6 words: “That is a really big dog.” But Mr. Mathlete proves that there is much more going on in those single-panels than you might have thought.

Here are three gems:

Marmaduke and the Dog-Catchers
Marmaduke Ruins his Owner’s Life
Marmaduke and the Elevator Repairman

3 Responses to Marmaduke much more complicated than you ever imagined

  1. Matt says:

    I think “Marmaduke” has survived as long as it has because the dog almost always has that sheepishly cute dog expression that’s hard to resist.

    Not that I pay much attention to “Marmaduke” or anything.

    According to Wikipedia, Brad Anderson is 82 years old. He’ll probably continue to draw the strip ten years after he dies.

  2. Aakaash says:

    I remember Kris talking to me about Marmaduke. “That is a really big dog” made vodka come out of my nose the first time I heard it. And I wasn’t even drinking.
    I think that strip is like “The FAmily Circus” – it was there and I read it, like I did everything there was on that page. I never laughed. But I read it again the next time. And the time after that. What does that say about me?

  3. turgidpossum says:

    wow. the dog-catchers explaination was beautiful.

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